UV LED Degumming Machine
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UV LED Degumming Machine

UV LED Degumming Machine

Product Introduction

In the process of producing high-precision objects such as semiconductor chips. Tapes and adhesives that hold objects in place are cured by UV LED irradiation. Make it easier for objects to peel off the tape. Solve the debonding process for wafer, glass and ceramic dicing process.
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Using high quality UV LED chip. Equipped with an independently developed cooling structure for the light source. Internally equipped with temperature sensor. Effectively adjust and monitor LED temperature. Protect LED chips from overheating. More quality assurance in use. It is suitable for precision curing and degumming in the optical and electronic semiconductor industries.
Power Supply Total Power Wavelength Mode Cooling Method Appearance Size (mm)
AC200V~240V 945W 365nm Manual/ Auto water cooling 480*480*480
Irradiation Surface Light Source(mm) Dimming Control Irradiation control method Alert Function Monitor function StorageSsize (mm)
300*300 1~100%
(1% scale)
Close The Door and Automatically Irradiate/ Manual Irradiation/ Foot Pedal Irradiation RS232 Super High Temperature/ Lamp Short Circuit/ Fault Temperature/ Monitor Chip 300*300*100

Cooling system (water cooling box) specifications:
INPUT Voltage Water Tank Capacity Water Injection Volume Power Appearance Size (mm) Weight Safety Device
AC220V 6L 300ml 50W 580*290*470 24KG compressor overcurrent protection, flow alerts, over temperature alarm
Precision object curing colloid, semiconductor wafer cracking tape.