E27 Remote Type germicidal lamp

E27 Remote Type germicidal lamp

E27 Remote Type germicidal lamp

Product Introduction

As technology advances, the environment, temperature and other factors contribute to the presence of many invisible pathogens and dust mites in the air, so the need for germicidal products is growing in the market. E27 remote control lamp is made of high permeable quartz material. It is safe and convenient to use remote control. The effect of sterilization can be achieved through UVC wavelength exposure, which can not only protect the human body from the pathogen, but also prevent the allergens.
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Suitable for ordinary household bulb E27 lamp holder, easy to use and installation can depend on the condition and environment demand to increase the number of lights, suitable for any sapce.
By using UVC wavelength can directly destroy the DNA and RNA of the virus and bacteria to achieve instant bactericidal effect.
To provide 185nm (with ozone) lamp and 253.7 nm lamp for choice, when turn off the power and the uv rays disappear.
No secondary pollution, no residue, no use of chemical agents. => Fast, safe, Convenient, effective.
Light bulb which is small size, large amount of irradiation, with a remote controller, enjoys more convenient and intelligent life.
Length 215mm / 240mm / 270mm / 400mm
Irradiation area 9-18㎡
Power Consumption 15W / 25W / 36W / 80W / Optional
Voltage AC110V / AC220V
Wavelength 185nm / 253.7nm / Optional
Life About 8000 hrs
Remote control ※E27 lamp + Remote control - Stationary
※E27 lamp + Lamp holder + Remote control - Mobile
This lamp can be used with the general family specifications E27 base common. The bottom of the lamp into the lamp holder can be used. This lamp is easy to install. In any interior space, such as bathroom, cabinets, shoe, clothing room can be used.
※When the lamp is on, please do not stay indoors and avoid UV damage.
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