The general industrial UV curing machine

The general industrial UV curing machine

The general industrial UV curing machine

Product Introduction

The UV curing machine can use in a few seconds instant light, is to save time, save space and energy saving both quality and low cost of characteristic, when the lamp couldn't light, the system will alarm immediately and display failure tubes; If not in accordance with the procedures lamps, the system will automatically test. Use high quality lamp bulb with stable performance safer to use.
Taken the few seconds instant exposure
Save time, save space and energy saving
Improve quality, mass production and reduce cost
Special design, low temperature
The power supply The total power Cooling way Effective irradiation Installation dimensions(LxWxH)
220VAC/60HZ 9.1KW Forced air cooling 580mm 240x168x100cm
Intensity of UV light to penetrate The UV lamp The total weight speed Conveyor belt
>125W/CM2 2KW4 pcs. 500KG 0-15m/min Stainless steel with SUS deviation prevention device
Will rubbing try on the shoes material UV treatment agent, dry after the ultraviolet irradiation, light starts to split away from the base, polymerization reaction increase shoes material polarity, easier to stick on. According to the different industry and have a variety of different application.
It can be in accordance with the various applications of different industry customers, OEM and ODM customization commissioned to production.
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