Multi-functional UV curing machine

Multi-functional UV curing machine

Multi-functional UV curing machine

Product Introduction

The machine is suitable for UV photosensitive coatings, printing ink, coating or a variety of materials printing on the surface of solidified dry in a flash. The machine modelling is novel, solid structure, effective work area is large, complete functions, simple operation, easy maintenance, low noise, high reliability, low cost, low energy consumption, production efficiency higher characteristic.
Making up the surface after drying to achieve high hardness, high gloss, resistance to friction, the effect of the solvent.
Taken the transmission adopts roller transmission, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.
Taken the conveyor belt deviation prevention, ensure transmit smooth.
Choosing high quality lamp, lamp room forced heat removal, extend the lamp life, protection of dry goods heat deformation.
Taken the body surface all spurts models processing, elegant, corrosion resistance.
The power supply The UV lamp The total power
220V/60Hz 3KW*2pcs 7KW
Speed Intensity of UV light to penetrate Installation dimensions (L×W×H)
0.6-5M/min >80W/cm2 1250×500×1230mm
Accessories decorative color plate ware, decorative wear (button, brooch, belt buckle, etc.) and used in various industries accessories production.
Printing widely used in screen printing, plate printing, letterpress printing, adhesive label, metal, famous brand, PC, PVC, ABS, PS, acrylic, tetoron, glass, ceramics, electronic parts, single circuit board surface, etc.

All kinds of electronic parts, glass then, liquid crystal films, terminal sealing glue then.

Painted coating aspects wood surface coating, paper, plastic floor brick, PU conversion glazing, optical fiber wire surface coating, etc.
It can be in accordance with the various applications of different industry customers, OEM and ODM customization commissioned to production.
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