T8CCFL Lighting

T8CCFL Lighting

T8CCFL Lighting

Product Introduction

T5 lamp tubes with thin diameter are easy to use and suitable for any spaces. Our lamps produced by cold cathode fluorescent technique have advantages of low operating temperature and non-UV that avoid deteriorating or embrittling the object. Besides, the light of lamps with high color rendering makes products naturally and vividly presented, and more efficiency in exhibition.
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High energy saving and Brightness
Compared to traditional lamps, CCFL possess double brightness with better energy saving of 50%. Let you save up to 50% cost upon lamps and fixtures. Take a general office with area of 66 square feet, for example, the usage of CCFL lamps can save more USD500 electric bill annually than T8 lamps and more USD333 than T5 lamps. For 3306 square feet supermarket, it can save more USD33,333 annually than T8 lamps and more USD11,666 than T5 lamps. (USD1=NT$30)
Longer lifetime and Low Illumination decay
Energy-saving T8 CCFL lamps possess longer life-span of 50,000 hours, it is 10 times longer than the traditional T8 tube and 5 times than T5 lamp. They can also serve for over 10 years as works 12 hours a day. A large amount of replacement and maintenance costs can be saved. In addition, the luminous decay is very low, only decay 5% after 30,000 hours. Good light for your sight.
High-enduring of switching
General lamps have less number of switching cycles. In order to save electricity, we often turn off the light, yet the lamps will be easily broken due to frequently switching on or off. Owing to the start procedure of CCFL lamps without high current, each lamp can be avoided high heat and becoming black at lamp ends. They have longer lifespan with more than 100000 of number of switch cycle, which is 20 times the traditional lamp.
High color rendering
The usage of high-quality three-wave length fluorescent powder provides CCFL lamps high color rendering, appearing the true color of objects itself. The light presents original color with non-distortion, suitable for taking pictures, designing painting, watching TV and reading.
Eyes-Protecting (No Flickering)
The traditional HCFL lamps are easy to flicker at start procedure. CCFL have higher performance to start lamps, no flickering and stable soft light may protect your eyes.
The operating temperature of T8 CCFL lamps is lower than 45℃ and prevents your hand from scalding. The low thermal radiation won’t arise the indoor temperature yet improve to reduce the usage of air-condition so as to save electricity and decrease carbon emissions.
Environment Friendly
T8 CCFL use recyclable solid state mercury alloy of content less than 3mg, which is 80% reduction in mercury use, not only environmentally friendly but safe.
No UV light
2Ft. 4 lamps 4Ft. 2 lamps 2Ft. 2 lamps
Crystal Type | Foggy Type Crystal Type | Foggy Type Crystal Type | Foggy Type
Voltage 100-240V 100-240V 100-240V
Current 0.6A 0.6A 0.6A
Power Consumption 47W 47W 24W
Color Temp. 3000/6000K 3000/6000K 3000/6000K
Luminous flux 3995 lm 3995 lm 2040 lm
Efficiency(lm/W) 85lm/W
Life Up to 50000 hours
Luminous decay 5% decay after 30,000 hours
Flickering none
Color rendering 86
Operating temp. 0-45℃
Switching times more than 100000 times
Our products apply for all kinds of display cabinet, especially for foods, cosmetics, eyeglasses stores, jewelry stores, and artistic productions and so on.

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