TOC Lamp

TOC Lamp

TOC Lamp

Product Introduction

TOC (Total Organic Carbon) is used to describe organic (carbon-based) pollutants measured in water. There are many sources of organic pollutants. Because "organic" refers to a compound. Ex: sugar, alcohol, petroleum, cement, plastic-based derivatives, etc. TOC UV lamp can assist TOC analyzer to measure all organic substances in water for a short time and correctly High efficiency organic material can be detected with high sensitivity to water management.
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To provide 185nm (with ozone) lamp and 253.7 nm lamp for choice, when turn off the power and the uv rays disappear.
Long lamp life, use little power, energy saving super-power!
Through UVC sterilization, effective removal of bacteria and suspended particles in the water above 100 %.
Special Patent outer glass tube.The lamp wick can be extracted and replaced for use with different wavelength lamps. There inlet and outlet. Any liquid can directly come into close contact with the light source. No leakage risks, and normal operation.
Lamp wick removable replacement, environmental protection and energy saving.
Outer glass tube diameter (mm) T5-16mm
T8-25.4mm or others
Outside-glass tube length (mm) Customization
Outlet inside / outside (mm) Customization
Outlet distance at both ends (mm) Customization
Inner tube diameter (mm) 26/16/8/6/5/4 or others
Inner-lamp length (mm) 50-500
Inner tube shape U / Straight
power Customization
Cable length (mm) Customization
Industrial application testing, Daily life of drinking water, TOC instrument application and chemical substance reaction and other optical applications.
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