HCFL - UV Water treatment lamp

HCFL - UV Water treatment lamp (Including quartz sleeve)

HCFL - UV Water treatment lamp (Including quartz sleeve)

Product Introduction

Water is an important resource of human life. Then all agricultural irrigation, light and heavy industries, high technology and energy industries need to rely on water resources before they have developed. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, it also brings environmental persecution and water pollution. Water treatment has become an urgent issue to be solved. To this end, we provide a safe and convenient HCFL water treatment germicidal lamp. Through the UV sterilizing physical characteristics, you can instantly destroy bacteria and viruses and other single-cell biological DNA, RNA. Make bacteria death or loss of reproductive capacity. Effectively eliminate bacteria in water. Let your everyday life, whether washing or drinking water, can be more peace of mind.
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  Through UVC sterilization, effective removal of bacteria and suspended particles in the water above 99%.
Economic benefit
  The lamp tube has long life, and the high efficiency lamp tube and high penetrating quartz glass sleeve can be used to select the wavelength 185nm with ozone lamp or the wavelength 253.7 nm without ozone lamp.
  Special waterproof head design, can completely cut off water into the lamp, no leakage risk.
  The water can be used after UV sterilization, and when the power is turned off, the ultraviolet ray disappears.
  The installation is simple and unoccupied, and the operation is quite easy.
Item Diameter Length(mm) Look Uv intensity (μw/cm2)
80W T5.T6 100~1500 single-ended
4 pins
Straight tube
120W 100~1500 ≧5000~7000
150W 100~1500 ≧5000~7000
Water treatment lamp application of a wide range, including biochemical research, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, water treatment, drink, food and beverage processing, bottled water equipment, hospitals, clinics, surface and three-dimensional space disinfection sterilization can be used.