Portable uv gericidal lamp

Portable uv gericidal lamp

Portable uv gericidal lamp

Product Introduction

In recent years, air pollution is becoming more serious, coupled with environmental, temperature and various factors. There are many invisible bacteria and dust mites in the air. Through the air contact and the droplets infection, will increase the risk of human disease transmission. For this purpose Bosstar developed mobile remote germicidal lamp. Can effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses, prevent disease and reduce allergy symptoms.
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Through UVC sterilization, effective removal of bacteria and suspended particles in the air above 99%.
Portable design, it is conveniently placed in any desired spatial sterilization.
With a remote controller to operate, the above safety warning lamp is on while using. It is safety and more security.
lamps Voltage Size(L*W*H) Power Consumption Using area Weight
T8 lamp*4 110V-220V 610mm
90Watt 18㎡ 2.5KG
According to the research survey. The average per person per day about 80 to 90% of the time in the indoor environment. Indoor air quality is good or bad, is a direct impact on human health, the main factor. For example from closest to our bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, elevator; even other places of business such as: kindergartens, nursing home, hospital, clinic, supermarkets, KTV, MRT station and so on can be used.
※When the lamp is on, please do not stay indoors and avoid UV damage.
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