Drawer type curing machine

Drawer type curing machine

Drawer type curing machine

Product Introduction

This machine has the appearance of small size, light box and power box forming, and it can cover UV light, the customer will paint products after UV curing adhesive, and put in the drawer UV curing dry for a short time. If the customer wants to curing smaller objects, this machine is the best choice.
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This machine use special import aluminium magnesium alloy lamp shade, concentrating design, and it will make the productivity improvement.
To avoid ultraviolet ray direct illuminate the human body, the machine adopts enclosed design. When open the drawer, it can block most of the UV light. This design can make customers safe and convenient to use the machine.
With UV ultraviolet lamp irradiation time display and the function of automatic timing
Using forced air cooling form to ensure that the appropriate operating temperature.
To prevent the working environment of high temperature lead to deformation of products, the machine has the function of heat dissipation.
External dimension Length 450mmxWide600mmxHigh480mm
Inside dimension Length 300mmxWide300mmxHigh100mm
Effective radiation area 300mmx300mm
Power AC220V,50HZ
Wavelength UVA365nm-420nm
The Power of UV Lamp 1. One Mercury lamp is 1KW.
2. Match concentrating aluminum reflectors
Lamp power density 50-80w/cm
Adjust the height of lamp 15-25cm
Coating: wood surface coating, paper glazing, etc
Medical material aspects: curing of syringes and other related medical equipment.
Accessories: decorative color dish ware, decorative wear (button, brooch, belt buckle, etc.) and applied in industry production of accessories.
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