UV curing exposure machine

UV curing exposure machine

UV curing exposure machine

Product Introduction

It can be divided into the scattered light with the parallel light system, scattered light system by the chimney internal reflection mirror, intermediate reflector, outside mirror structure, quasi square in 33 degrees or so, can satisfy the requirement of 100 um line width line distance; Chimney only half a parallel light system using the reflector remove outside mirror and mirror, the reflection mirror structure changes make the right angle decreases below 20 degrees, improved lighting system to achieve 75um line spacing.
Pipe track frame structure, in order to prevent bending deformation, make the operation more stable.
Exposure machine is strong, easy to operate, durable.
Taken the imported raw materials parts, the advantage is long life time, and high precision.
Exposure Area 510×610mm
Exposure Method Double scattering light exposure at the same time
Exposure Control Cumulative optically controlled
Intensity More than 35 mw/c㎡
Uniformity 80%以上
Resolution L/S=100/100um(at 30umDFR)
Wavelength 365nm(320-450nm)
Lamp Cooling Air cooling
Lamp Life Time 800 Hours
Clean Room  temperature 20-22℃
Clean Room  humidity 50-60%
Power Supply 3Phase,220V,60Hz
Dimension 1400(W)×2200(L)×2100(H)
Weight 1200Kg
Mainly used in printing, circuit board and other purposes.
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