Plant Growing Lamps

Plant Growing Lamps

Plant Growing Lamps

Product Introduction

Plant Growing Lamps take the excellent way that adjust and vary different wavelength light to improve the disadvantage of cultivation such as insufficient light and limitation of growth. The use of Plant Growing Lamps can easily control the light parameter to promote germination or growth, modulate the flowering time and period, increase lycopene or anthocyanin formation, raise the efficiency of photosynthesis, and stimulate stem growth ... and so on. Bosstar use cold cathode fluorescent technology and succeed to develop plant grow lights lamps and bulbs. In addition to the general white light, red, blue, and mixed light can be chose here. These lamps possess advantages of ultra-low power consumption, high brightness, long life, easy-to-use, and reasonable price.
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  • The supply of light In the lack of sunshine, we can use lamps to improve the growth of plant, raise the quality of plant and increase the production efficiently. In the lack of sunshine and nutrition imbalance between supply and need, we can provide additional light through lamps to improve the growth of plant, raise the quality of plant and efficiently increase the production.

  • Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides the cultivation through technological manage significantly reduces the usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In this kind of free from land cultivation, the soil and irrigation water are pure and free from contamination, that is capable of producing more healthy, clean, less bacteria and long shelf-life crops and fruits. That promotes a healthy diet, reduce the occurrence of disease, and most importantly, significantly reduce the environmental pollution.

  • Easy to control the quality and reduce the cost of cultivation The use of this technology is able to control the flowering time or period, and the crops' quality, yield and production period are easier to efficiently manage, that efficiently reduce the cultivation cost. Moreover, the planting is no longer limited to land, water quality, weather and other conditions. The application of multilayer planting with efficient space utilization makes agricultural development unlimited.

  • High Energy-Saving, High Brightness, Long Lifetime Our lamps produced by using cold cathode fluorescent technique have more advantages than general energy-saving bulbs, such as more energy-saving of 50%, double brightness and longer lifetime about 30000~50000 hours. That can make you save more electric bills and cost of lamp replacement. The ultra high brightness of Plant Growing Lamps is suitable for cultivation of leafy vegetables or fruity vegetables. Besides, that can reduce the configuration of lamps for planting low brightness requirement vegetables.

  • Less Thermal Radiation Comparison to traditional lamps, our lamps are low thermal radiation and don't affect indoor temperature. This feature is convenient to adjust the indoor temperature for the cultivation of high economic value crops in greenhouse or air-conditioned rooms. What an energy-saving and eco-friendly lamp it is.

2Ft. 4Ft.
Voltage 100-240V 100-240V
Current 0.6A 0.6A
Power Consumption 11W 22W
Luminous flux 998lm 2040lm
Type White/Red/Blue/Mixture Light
Efficiency (Lm/W) 85lm/W
Lifetime Over 50000 hours
Luminous Decay 5% decay after 30000 hours
Flickering No Flickering
Color Rendering 86
Operating Temperature 0-45℃
Switching Times Over 100000 times

Traditional Fluorescent
Light Tubes & Bulbs
LED Plant Grow Lamps Bosstar CCFL Plant
Growing Lamps
Specifications Bulbs:E27
Flexible in the use of lighting configuration.
Lamps:Inconsistent in size.
Bulbs:E27,but it is restricted in specification choice owing to the inconsistent size and heavier weight.
Inflexible and inconvenient.
Lamps:With the same specifications as the general fluorescent tubes.
Flexible in the use of lighting configuration.
Color Available White Light White/Red/Blue Light
The light color is easy to distort due to nature of itself, and that is less effective in plant growth.
White/Red/Blue/Mixture Light
High color rendering of 86Ra and non-distortion in color.
Energy-Saving High power consumption 48% Energy-saving 53% Energy-Saving
Lifetime 5,000 hours 10,000 hours 50,000 hours
Operation temperature

Higher temperature! It's necessary to equip extra cooling fan or strengthen air-conditioner.

Higher temperature! It's necessary to equip extra cooling fan or strengthen air-conditioner.
Less thermal radiation! It's easy to adjust environment temperature.
Brightness Less brightness Less brightness and tendency towards luminous decay Double brightness and low luminous decay
Light Emitted Angle Light emitted around 360° Light emitted around 180°
It's necessary to pay attention to lamps configuration, otherwise easily lead to uneven Irradiated region. Worse effect in both of light mixing and color mixing, because of the 180° light emitted angle.
Light emitted around 360°
Well effect in the light mixing.
Maintenance Convenient
It's easy to replace, but frequent replacements increase the maintain cost.
Need to replace the entire group of lamps, and raise the maintenance costs.
Most importantly, how low a maintenance cost it is.
Price High cost Complex Cheap
Indoor cultivation